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At Braziel Dixon, LLP, we are committed to pursuing legal remedies for employees in Texas faced with unpaid wages, improper firing, unwanted sexual advances, discrimination or retaliation. We will use our knowledge of the law, commitment to employee protection and strong advocacy skills to guide you through these stressful legal matters. No matter the type of dispute, we will zealously pursue your legal options.

Knowledgeable lawyers assist with collecting unpaid overtime

Federal wage and hour law mandates that nonexempt employees be paid time and a half for anything worked above 40 hours. If overtime is not paid, such employees are entitled to file a claim and collect 50 percent of their regular hourly pay. Texas law, in fact, allows employees to recover double the amount they should have been paid, as well as their attorneys’ fees and court costs. Employees who make more than a maximum annual salary of $35,568 are exempt, and so are members of certain professions and vocations. Our firm can advise you on your right to overtime and help you attempt to collect any unpaid wages you are due.

Reliable Dallas firm advocates for employees in sexual harassment claims

Federal and state laws protect employees from sexual harassment in the workplace. The law recognizes two types of sexual harassment claims:

  • Quid pro quo — This is where a manager or supervisor demands sexual favors in order for an employee to keep a job or receive some other benefit.
  • Hostile workplace — Harassment can also take the form of persistent unwelcome conduct of a sexual nature, such as off-color jokes, explicit images or inappropriate comments.  

The law offers victims of such misconduct several options for holding an employer accountable, including filing a discrimination claim with federal or state authorities. We will advise you on which remedies are most effective in your situation and pursue them vigorously.

Dedicated lawyers address discrimination and wrongful termination claims

Although Texas is an at-will employment state, your employer cannot fire you for a discriminatory or other type of illegal purpose. For example, you cannot be fired for performing a civic duty or for refusing to commit a crime. If you have been fired in violation of law, talk to us about the possibility of filing a wrongful termination lawsuit.

Skilled advocates challenge workplace retaliation

The law protects employees from being punished for alerting the government and/or the public. In addition to reporting violations, employers are also prohibited from reporting illegal or discriminatory behavior and/or for testifying in related legal proceedings. Our attorneys know how to prove a case of retaliation and to get you the compensation you deserve.

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